• Product Reviews

    G. Wynne Pipe Cleaner and Sweetener – A great product with a great story, for an even greater cause.

    Here at Fox’s Briar Shop, we get asked frequently about the cleaning product and procedures we use during our restoration and repairs. We normally do not recommend specific products for our clients because most of us have a favorite that we like. We have made an exception for the pipe cleaning solution that we use exclusively in the shop because we feel that it is the best product on the market and because of the story behind the product. Let’s take a look at the product and the story! When it comes to a pipe cleaning solution for our shop, we have historically used a combination of multiple products. We…

  • Restorations and Repairs

    Is restoring an old pipe worth the money or effort?

    One question that we get at the shop frequently is “Is it worth the time or money to have my old estate pipe restored?”. This is a great question and honestly each pipe could have a different answer. There is a difference between having your pipe professionally cleaned and having your pipe restored. Today, we will focus on restoration. Let me share the store of this Peterson System Standard Pipe to help you find the best answer. We received this Peterson pipe in the shop in a large lot of estate pipes that we purchased. We are used to getting pipes in that need to be cleaned and repaired, but…

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    Pipe Sale!!! Check out the Dog Days of Summer Sale going on now!

    We are running our Dog Days of Summer Sale in our store for the next few weeks. During this sale, you can save up to 30% off of select estate pipes when you purchase multiple pipes! We are also offering free shipping to the domestic United States to all orders over $20! This is a great time to purchase a few new pipes to add to your collection!

  • Smoke Talk

    When everything falls into place

    Part of the fun, and sometimes frustration, with smoking a pipe is trying to find the perfect smoke. For many of us, one of the enjoyments with pipe smoking is trying to figure out how to get that amazing smoke from our pipes. For those that have enjoyed that perfect smoke, the game is just beginning because now we must try to replicate that experience each time we fill a bowl and light it. Needless to say, we all could spend a lifetime trying out all of the thousands of tobacco blends and the same amount of time trying out all of the different brands, styles, and makes of pipes.…

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    Welcome to Pipe Thoughts

    Pipe thoughts is a place where I will post general articles concerning pipes, pipe restorations, and pipe history. Follow along as we learn about the history of pipes, how to properly clean, restore, and get the most out of your pipes. If you have a particular subject that you would like to see a post about, just drop me a message a let me know. Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your day to join me as we take a deeper look at pipe thoughts. So pack your favorite tobacco in your favorite pipe and sit back, read about my current pipe thoughts, and enjoy a time…