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G. Wynne Pipe Cleaner and Sweetener – A great product with a great story, for an even greater cause.

Here at Fox’s Briar Shop, we get asked frequently about the cleaning product and procedures we use during our restoration and repairs. We normally do not recommend specific products for our clients because most of us have a favorite that we like. We have made an exception for the pipe cleaning solution that we use exclusively in the shop because we feel that it is the best product on the market and because of the story behind the product. Let’s take a look at the product and the story!

When it comes to a pipe cleaning solution for our shop, we have historically used a combination of multiple products. We use stronger solutions to dissolve and clean out the hard gunk, salt treatments to remove ghosting, milder cleaners for general cleaning, and a cleaner with a sweet taste as the final product. We used this process since the beginning and while it worked well, we have always been on the look for something better. A client asked if we had tried G. Wynne Cleaner and Sweetener before, which I had never heard of, and recommended that we give it a try.

I ordered a few bottles and gave it a try. After using G Wynne in our shop and on my personal pipes for a week I was sold! It is the only product that we use and the only cleaner we believe in enough to sell in our store.

RESULTS: The first thing we noticed about this cleaner is how well it worked to break down tough stains, goop, and build up. The solution immediately begins to break down and remove buildups with the first pass of a pipe cleaner. We noticed that our cleaning time was cut by 30% and the amount of cleaning solution and pipe cleaners were greatly reduced. Second, this solution has an amazing smell that penetrates the pipe leaving it smelling great and sanitized. The greatest surprise from using this solution for us was that it removed the majority of ghosting in pipes. This was a game changer for our shop! We now only have to use salt treatments on less that 10% of our our cleaning and restoration jobs compared to 50% with other cleaners. This is the only pipe cleaning solution that we have found to accomplish this! Last, this solution leaves a wonderful clean smell and a sweet taste to the pipe without having to use another product to finish with. I personally believe this product taste and smells better than any other pipe cleaner on the market. Needless to say, we believe in this product and highly recommend it.

THE STORY: When I first ordered the product and spoke with John, I was immediately impressed with the story behind the product and the company. G Wynne is a veteran owned company that was started to support a long time friend and pipe shop owner of 40 years that had to stop work due to health problems. A portion of the profits from G. Wynne Pipe Cleaner and Sweetener is donated to help with Marty’s medical expenses. This a great opportunity to help support a fellow pipe smoker and veteran in need of a little help. We feel that the story and cause behind G Wynne Pipe Cleaner and Sweetener is one worth sharing with our clients. Please read the story provided by John below. We believe in this product and believe in the greater cause that this product supports and hope that you will give it a try.

We believe that you will love it also! You can find it in our store today!

Until next time…….”may your bowl be full and your mind at ease”.  Briar Fox

“G. Wynne is owned and operated by US Veterans in support of a fellow veteran, amazing friend and former pipe shop owner who became disabled with MS. He was forced to sell his beloved divan due to his illness. This was a place which represented his more than 40 years of loving of the art of pipes, for love for those in the pipe and cigar community, good tobacco and good conversation.
As his condition advanced, this exceptional man requested assistance. Many stepped up to assist in many ways. He specifically asked me to help him with regard to his equipment, his pipes and in staying involved in the pipe world for as long as he possibly could. We all knew we would support him as he traveled a rough and rugged road, and we did not have the luxury of waiting any amount of time with patience. So, as a friend, brother and fellow veteran, I stepped in to help as much as I could. So, I started G. Wynne in his name.
I purposely began to learn as much as I could from him about pipes, so that I could be of greater help to him and his family. I consider this to have been a very valuable sort of apprenticeship. Gratefully, I continue to learn from him and the amazing pipe community with which I have become involved. As pipes began to sell, 50% of the proceeds were forwarded to my friend and his family. This is still the case.
During my search for a product to use in my work with pipes (and through a collaboration with a company that has been successfully producing chemical products since 1932), G. Wynne Cleaner and Sweetener was born.
We are proud of the product. Not only do we use it daily, but it is also used by a many fine pipe afficionados in several countries. We continue to receive much positive feedback from those using it on their collections. Every single pipe I work on, every single bottle of cleaner and every conversation I have with a customer or constituent carries the responsibility of living up to this man’s name… and that will never be compromised.”


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