Repairs and Restorations

Fox’s Briar Shop offers a full line of pipe cleaning, pipe restoration, and pipe repair services to our valued customers. We look forward to working with each customer no matter if you are wanting to just have your pipes cleaned and sanitized or if you are wanting a full restoration of your pipe collection. Below you will find our current restoration and repair price list and instructions on how to send your pipes in to have them worked on. To find out more information about these services, see the information below.

We love working with clients to make sure their pipes are in top shape. No matter if you have estate pipes that need full restorations or if you would like to have your favorite pipes cleaned and polished, we want to work with you.

To request any of our pipe cleaning, restoration, or repair services, please take a look at our current price list. The front page contains our current services and prices and the back page gives you instructions on how to order these services. When you are ready, download the “Fox’s Briar Shop Repair Order Form” and send it to us with your pipes. We will follow up with you once we receive your order and pipes to go over your order and answer any questions you have.