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Thoughts behind the smoke

The quote in this picture speaks great truths about enjoying a pipe. There is something special about what person gets from their pipe, but each one of these attributes seem to be true throughout pipe smoking history.

“There is more to enjoy than just the smoke when smoking a pipe, the thoughts that happen behind the smoke are just as important.”

One of the most misunderstood benefits of enjoying a pipe by non pipe smokers is the opportunity that it provides to take a break from the day and think through life. I believe and many scientific studies have shown that smoking a pipe is one of the best stress reducers in life. In fact, a surgeon general’s report on pipe smoking showed that the benefits from stress reduction that smoking a pipe provides actually adds years to the life of the pipe smoker.

Unlike other tobacco avenues where you rush to use it to get a nicotine fix, smoking a pipe is a process that rewards the smoker who is patient and enjoys each draw on the pipe. From preparing the tobacco, packing the pipe just right, to the char light and the true light, the taste of the first draw through the lingering smoke of the last draw – smoking a pipe forces a person to slow down.

I think the best part of the smoke is the time that a pipe gives you to stop and ponder life while enjoying the smoke. There is something about this special time while enjoying a pipe that helps us to slow our minds down and think through the day, big decisions that need to be made, or just stop and enjoy the day itself. No matter how bad, stressful, or busy a day is – the time that we take to enjoy our pipes will leave us in a better mood and many times with a differently outlook on the day and events.

The next time you pack the pipe and enjoy a bowl, use the time to let the stress and business of the day fade away and think. Think about decisions that you need to make, think about the good things in life, think about simple things, or just think about the smoke itself. Either way, relax and let the thoughts going on behind the smoke relax and relieve some of the stress life has brought.

Until next time…….”may your bowl be full and your mind at ease”.

Briar Fox

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