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Pipe thoughts is a place where I will post general articles concerning pipes, pipe restorations, and pipe history. Follow along as we learn about the history of pipes, how to properly clean, restore, and get the most out of your pipes. If you have a particular subject that you would like to see a post about, just drop me a message a let me know.

Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your day to join me as we take a deeper look at pipe thoughts. So pack your favorite tobacco in your favorite pipe and sit back, read about my current pipe thoughts, and enjoy a time away the day’s stress.


  • Dan M. Sherling

    I’ve been collecting briar estate pipes for several years because I can appreciate owning and smoking a pipe that was once someone else’s personal comforting companion…sometimes for most of his adult life. The barely noticeable dings and teeth marks give each pipe its particular character. My grandfathers and great-grandfathers smoked pipes and somehow I was drawn to the pleasant pastime from fond memories. Most anyone can buy a new pipe and they are a treat depending on the brand and how well it smokes, but refurbishing an older preowned pipe has its own rewards.

    • Briar Fox


      I could not agree more. While I do enjoy a new pipe every once in a while that can tell my story, I love old pipes. I believe every pipe has a story to tell and I find myself pondering what all happened in history during the life of the old pipes that I work on and restore. What kind of decisions were made while the pipe was being smoked, how did society change while this pipe was smoked?

      Many times we will get a terrible looking pipe in the shop that has been smoked hard and those are the ones that I ponder the most. You can tell a lot about a pipe and the smoker by the charring on the rim, the thickness of the cake, the chatter and dents, and the way the pipe was cleaned (or lack of).

      I always impressed how even the oldest, most beat up, and dirty pipe can be brought back to life and continue to tell its story to the next smoker.

      Happy Puffing!

      Briar Fox

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