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When everything falls into place

Part of the fun, and sometimes frustration, with smoking a pipe is trying to find the perfect smoke. For many of us, one of the enjoyments with pipe smoking is trying to figure out how to get that amazing smoke from our pipes. For those that have enjoyed that perfect smoke, the game is just beginning because now we must try to replicate that experience each time we fill a bowl and light it.

Which pipe will smoke the best with which tobacco?

Needless to say, we all could spend a lifetime trying out all of the thousands of tobacco blends and the same amount of time trying out all of the different brands, styles, and makes of pipes. So is there a perfect pipe for a perfect tobacco? Ask 100 different pipe smokers and you will get 100 different opinions. For me, I think there are times when a certain pipe paired with the right tobacco can give you a wonderful smoke that will set itself apart from all the others. Let me share one of my experiences.

Which tobacco will give me that unforgettable smoke?

A few weeks ago I purchased a tin of GL Pease “Quiet Nights” tobacco. I enjoy a full body English blend at night from time to time and I had read that it was very well balanced full English. Having never smoked this brand, I decided that I would smoke it in my Nording Craggy Corale Blowfish pipe that I had just restored and cleaned, knowing that it would not have any ghosting from prior tobaccos.

I popped the tin and packed this pipe the way I had hundreds of times and headed to my chair on the porch late in the evening. I started with my char light and the first draw was excellent. The flavors were right upfront but not overwhelming and each tobacco had a place. The pipe produced a nice full body of thick white smoke and immediately I remember thinking “Wow” this is really good.

For the next 30 minutes I was completely focused on how good this smoke was going. The tobacco flavors were excellent with each puff, the bowl stayed lit from the char light, and tongue bite was never a thought. Half way through the bowl I knew that this smoke was something special.

Normally I will read or watch my ipad while enjoying a bowl in the evening, but this night I was completely focused on the smoke itself. For the next hour I enjoyed one of the best and most complete smokes that I had experienced. When all was smoked, there was only a small amount of fine, white ash left in the bottom of the bowl. Without a doubt on this night with Quiet Nights tobacco and my Nording blowfish pipe…….everything fell into place.

So……the next day I could not wait to smoke another bowl. I decided that I would try it in a different pipe to see if it changed the taste or the smoke. What a mistake!!! It was horrible and I was so let down. Over the next week I tried Quiet Nights in 6 different pipes — all were different shapes, brands, and sizes. None of them came close to the blowfish pipe.

Finally I combined the Quiet Nights with the Nording blowfish pipe and the magic was there again. I have no idea why this tobacco and this pipe make such a great smoke or why the others didn’t. All I do know is that from this point on my Nording Blowfish Pipe and Quiet Nights tobacco will always be together and I hope that each bowl is as great or even better than the first.

Until next time…….”may your bowl be full and your mind at ease”. Briar Fox

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